Recent Mobile News and Statistics

Casey BartoA lot has happened in the mobile space since we released our latest Mobile Email Opens report for H2 2011 (check out the that report and previous ones here.) There’s been interesting data on mobile commerce, more data on mobile email, data on location-based services and more.
Let’s start by taking a look at the “smartphone class” or those consumers who are always on and always connected. eMarketer reports that as many as 100 million people (and growing) are armed with smartphones, always consuming content.

According to eMarketer: “Members of the ‘smartphone class’ stand apart from other Americans in the way they shop, communicate, consume media—even how they use their spare time. Its members define themselves by their connectedness and their sense of empowerment through unfettered access to real-time information.” The research firm estimates that nearly 3 in 5 consumers will have a smartphone by 2016. Additionally, eMarketer mentions that the “smartphone class” takes part in something we all probably do when we’re bored: turn to our mobile devices.

“Depending on their mood in the moment, gratification might mean completing a quick task or finding a fun distraction. For marketers, this rising content consumption means an increasing number of touchpoints where they can reach consumers,” according to the report.

One of those touchpoints could be in an mcommerce setting. IBM reports that purchases made from a mobile device account for 13% of online purchases, up from just 7% the previous year.

According to a recent article, “IBM adds that 17.1 percent of all sessions on retailer sites are now initiated on mobile devices, increasing from 6.1 percent in the first quarter of 2011.”

Internet Retailer reports that 12.5% of mobile users are will to share their location with retailers in order to receive special offers and coupons. Additionally, 33% of mobile users would like to receive coupons or special offers via SMS or through an app, and 21% of smartphone users said they would be interested in mobile advertising if it was offering a deal for a location near them.

And finally, Return Path reports that 88% of people check their email from a mobile device daily. Return Path also estimates that more people will be reading email on mobile rather than a desktop device by the end of 2012.

What other interesting mobile or digital marketing news have you come across recently?

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