Case Study Details Customer-Focused Success

The super-connected consumer lots of options when it’s time to engage with a brand. The key for marketers is to manage the exposures to increase the likelihood they’ll buy, to further enhance the relationship. Does your brand have a prominent place in the super-connected consumer’s mind across multiple touchpoints? Are you driving each digital impression toward the outcome you want? If the answer is no, or if you’re not sure, take a look at Forrester Research Inc.’s recent report, “Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer.”

Forrester previously has stated that a lack of messaging focus across channels can weaken a brand’s prominence in the mind of the consumer. Such weakness leads to less-than-ideal customer experiences. So even if your brand messages are sprinkled across disparate channels without consideration for relevance and needs of the customer, it’s never too late to connect the digital dots and get your approach on track.

As you’ll see in this independent (non-commissioned) case study, vacuum and cleaning product manufacturer Oreck generated 10 times more revenue on, decreased abandoned shopping carts and increased conversions by connecting the various digital touch points with a unified approach. A key component to their success was the use of Knotice’s Universal Profile Management System, which allowed Oreck to create a robust warehouse of customer profile data for use to inform more relevant messaging.

While it may seem daunting for marketers to abandon the old separate-channel siloed approach in favor of a more complete view of the customer, making the switch can yield impressive results, as Oreck has demonstrated.

Check out this brief interview with Tarik Dekkar, Head of Digital and CRM at Oreck, for an inside look at how they used Knotice’s on-demand platform, Concentri, to achieve success using customer data for advanced segmentation.

Again, to access the complete report, “Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer,” follow this link. And, if you’re interested in learning more about how you can achieve the kind of success Oreck has seen, just shoot us an email at

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