Independent Case Study Highlights Oreck’s Success

Just yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released an independent case study detailing how Knotice customer, Oreck, was able to boost ROI with more relevant, effective messaging (generating 10x more revenue on after partnering with us. Their research noted that our Universal Profile Management System allowed Oreck to create a robust warehouse of customer-centric profile data. Having all that data in one messaging system allowed Oreck to automate their customer-focused marketing approach across digital touchpoints, and to streamline messaging (email, display and website personalization), all within a single system. It’s a powerful solution, and it’s great to have Forrester incorporate this example into their body of research.

While some marketers continue to struggle with fragmented data and despite workarounds to try and unite disparate data sources, Oreck abandoned the channel-focused approach and set out to integrate all existing customer information to get a unified view of its customers across digital channels, to better engage those customers.

According to the case study entitled “Case Study: Oreck Improves Media Spend ROI By Taking A Unified View Of The Customer,” Oreck was able to “unify data and connect the digital dots,” improve the customer experience, shorten lead-to-close cycles, and decrease abandoned shopping carts. They also said Oreck’s monthly ROI was as high as 184% compared to the baseline.

Other points of interest include:

  • Three phases Oreck took to unify their messaging, increasing the likelihood of customers to convert;
  • How they enjoyed a significant lift in conversions based on number of channels used within a multi-channel approach;
  • The value of automating the personalization of each customer’s website experience based on individual data, and more.

According to the report, “Oreck decided it was time to get smart about impression delivery across multiple channels. Working with partner Knotice, Oreck created a unified view of the customer to effectively target and deliver brand messages with improved relevance to each unique customer across multiple channels.”

We invite you to download the case study here. And if you’d like to learn more and discuss how the Oreck example could apply to your unique needs, just shoot us an email at

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