Tablet Use Jumps for Email Engagement

At Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 in Los Angeles yesterday, Forrester senior analyst Melissa Parrish introduced a new expression to describe today’s highly connected consumer, the “Always Addressable Customer.” To join the AAC club, you have to frequently access the Internet from multiple locations daily, owning and using at least three different types of digital access devices (laptop, iPad, phone, Kindle, etc.). Lots of people have both smartphones and computers, but it seems that tablet use is one factor that tips the scale into this new super-connected consumer identity.

Parrish found that the percentage of consumers who meet the requirements of this segment has jumped significantly since 2010.

Our own data supports this idea. If you haven’t seen the latest Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report for the 2nd Half of 2011, check it out here. (You can also take a look at previous mobile email opens reports and takeaways here.)

For the first time, our most recent deep dive into the number of emails opened on a mobile device includes the number of email opens on tablets broken down by device type. Mobile email opens on tablets accounted for 6.76% of all emails opened during the last six months of 2011.

It’s clear that tablet adoption is steadily on the rise. While industry research most often focuses on the speedy adoption of smart phones, a recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research predicts that 40% of mobile phone owners will also have a tablet by 2016.

From our own research, we have seen the use of tablets for viewing email double in the last six months. Some additional data points of interest regarding tablet as a portal to the inbox, from our latest report:

  • The retail industry leads the way with mobile email tablet activity seeing 7.32% of emails opened on those devices. Following closely behind is the education industry with 7.28% of emails opened on a tablet.
  • The industry with the lowest level of tablet activity is B2B with only 1.51% of emails being opened on tablets.
  • Tablet mobile email open rates peak around 9PM, presumably when many folks are also watching TV or winding down their evening activities.
  • Not surprisingly, the iPad leads tablet mobile email opens with 97%. Coming in second is the Samsung Galaxy Tab with 0.55%.

Not only can Knotice’s robust messaging platform detect an email open – we can also get granular, all the way down to the mobile device type and model used for email activity. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Tablets for Viewing Email, right from our report.

One important note as you review the data above, it’s important to note how an email open is recorded as mobile, which is based on downloading email images. Image download (i.e., “show images”) is not a default setting for every operating system (including some Android devices) or mobile email client. This means the reported number of opens may be lower than the actual number of users viewing or reading the email. Data collected over time allows for benchmarks for comparison.

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