Knotice at Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum

Casey BartoThe Knotice team will be hitting the road next week for Forrester’s Marketing Leadership Forum in Los Angeles. The event will focus on how marketing must survive and thrive in the age of the customer by examining things like leveraging your data within a unified data environment to increase customer engagement, social marketing and more.
According to Forrester, “To win in the next digital decade, marketers must extend customer obsession to make all the parts work — to tie customer knowledge into the product design, customer experience, and marketing messages in ways not previously possible — to deliver a single, personal brand experience to each customer that the company chooses to serve.”

The forum will also take a look at ways to use “digital intelligence” (what we refer to as “actionable analytics”) to influence future messaging and create a complete view of the customer. Digital intelligence allows marketers to use the smallest customer details to create more relevant, targeted campaigns. Take a look at this post from Patti for more on digital intelligence and its importance in today’s marketing landscape.

If you’ll be attending, stop by booth 400 and say hi to the Knotice folks. (We’ll also have some cool demos and resources.) And stay tuned to The Lunch Pail next week for insider insights from sessions at the event.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look at Knotice’s latest Mobile Email Opens Report for the second half of 2011. Released earlier this week, it’s full of data on the rate of mobile email opens across multiple industries and mobile devices and chock full of tips for optimizing your emails for mobile devices.

It’s available for a free download here.

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