Smarter Marketing with Digital Intelligence

Patti RennerIn the coming months, it’s the data that will make the difference, especially when it’s applied to marketing activity across channels. While enterprise-sized corporations wrestle with internal issues and long-held channel-specific messaging strategies, the nimble mid-sized marketers instead can swiftly rise above the fray and respond to what the market demands. It’s a great time to be a mid-sized retailer. Your customer-focused approach and make-it-happen determination give you a clear advantage when it comes to navigating shifts in the marketplace. Sure, the changes in technology and consumer expectations can be daunting. But know that you’re actually in a great position to manage the chaos to your advantage.
One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is what Forrester refers to as “digital intelligence,” using your data and analytics to directly influence future messaging. (Here at Knotice, we refer to this as Actionable Analytics.) Digital intelligence goes beyond the basics – beyond channel-specific results or send details. It includes an expanded collection of data. Each individual consumer has its own identity and dataset within the system, so marketers can leverage the smallest of details for more relevant campaigns. Once you’ve established this profile-based environment, your messaging provider of choice should be able to instantly inform content based on cross-channel activity, online search, website behavior, preferences, etc. Adopting this approach will move marketers away from lists and into a clearly defined segmentation-friendly environment. Such capabilities are an essential for customer-focused, dynamic messaging that sets you apart.

The ability to leverage comprehensive data from across channels helps level the playing field between larger and mid-sized retailers. When tapping into your digital intelligence, responses across channels should be automated, from triggered messages to dynamic campaign content and beyond.

By making use of advanced reporting, marketers can take once-passive insights and create actionable strategies that will optimize campaigns and enhance digital interactions with the consumer. Creating actionable strategies beyond mere reporting is what gives you the edge.

Such dynamic interactions – like the ability to automatically react to changes in customer behavior instantly based on that link between marketing and analytics – may require you to rethink the way you’re currently managing your messaging. The tricky part for some is connecting the dots, getting email data to play nice with mobile data, to work well with website targeting, and so on. (You’ll also want to avoid any tedious delays of waiting weeks for analytics reports after exporting data to third parties (the opposite of nimble), as well as IT headaches of trying to piece together an “integrated” solution.) Look for a partner who can make all of this easy for you. For instance, our platform supports digital intelligence and cross-channel automation right out of the box.

Once you have a unified messaging system in place to manage your marketing approach from an analytics perspective, you may soon realize the strength of campaign ROI is worth the sacrifice of a few channel silos and business-as-usual approach. Knowledge is power, and digital intelligence offers a huge opportunity for marketers ready to embrace it.

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