Quick and Easy Site Personalization with Live Zones

Emily HaaseWhen it comes to website content, live zones are an often under-utilized resource. In simple terms, live zones make it easy for marketers to change content on a website without involving IT.
If you’d like more information on how these easy to edit areas of content on a website work, check out this post.

The beauty of using live zones is that once you have the snippets placed on your page, you can quickly change content, promotions, and more without using IT resources. It’s as simple as defining your display rules, and uploading your content into Concentri.

A couple of things you may not know about live zones:

  • You can create a hierarchy with your display rules, which will allow you to prioritize content for visitors based on which display rule criteria they meet;
  • The appearance of live zones can be controlled using the style sheets on your site, so you can incorporate preexisting site designs.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how Knotice customers are using live zones. Classic Auto Group is using the technology to provide each customer with a unique experience. For example, a previous Classic customer that clicks through the site to the parts area can receive content offering them a discount on their next parts purchase. Live zones are also handy for making sure a visitor interested in Ford only receives Ford site content.

BuildDirect uses live zones to customize the site experience and target different pieces of content to visitors. Learn more in this video below.

(Special thanks to Joe McGarvey, Onboarding Specialist here at Knotice for his input on this post.)

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