Creating Great Email Headlines

Casey BartoEmail is a great direct digital marketing tool. Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their campaigns and one area of focus should be the headline of the email.
The goal of a headline is not to sell and not to yell (though some may appear to do both), but to pull people into the content of the email. Just as the subject line invites people to open the email, the headline invites them to keep reading. Use it to pull them into the heart of your message.

Here are some tips to consider when crafting email headlines:

Share the benefits – We all want to convey the benefits of our products or services, but keep length in mind. Email clients offer a variety of viewing options. Does your headline convey your message without forcing the recipient to scroll to read the entire thing?

Focus on the Reader – Are your headlines centered on the interests of the customer? The folks over at have some great resources for boosting your email. Much like creating a successful subject line, creating a compelling (and successful) headline, should focus on what your customer will get rather than what they must do, says.

Show them why it matters – Marketers are pretty used to telling their audience to ‘click here!’ or ‘register now!’, but revamping your headline can be as simple as including the word ‘get’, such as ‘get your free tshirt…’ instead of ‘sign up for your free shirt…’ Don’t bury the benefit behind expectations of action. “Sign up Now for Your Free Shirt” rarely will perform as well as “Get a Free Shirt by Just Signing Up”

Test, Test, Test – When most of us think of making improvements to our campaigns, testing comes to mind. (Check out these A/B testing tips.) You’ve thought about testing copy, images, layout, etc. But have you also considered testing email subject lines? (Our software platform, Concentri, has some pretty slick ways to test headlines.)

What headline tips would you include?
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