Juicy Morsels from Email Summit 2012

Patti RennerWhen I couldn’t type fast enough, I switched to notebook and pen. And by the end of the second day of sessions at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012, my overworked pen had virtually exploded, bleeding purple on fingers unrelenting, scribbling page after page of high-value insights captured from hours of juicy presentations.
My notebook could offer blog posts for weeks to come (and it will), but for starters, let me share with you a few of my favorite insights – things that stood out as instantly effective to enhance your direct digital marketing efforts.
  • Softening the “unsubscribe” options – Sometimes people may not want a divorce; they just want a separation. Give them the chance to press the “pause” button, and offer options to resume email communications with options of one month, six months, etc
  • Clicks are people – Technology is cool. Data is great. But when you care about people, and show you’re engaging in a personal way after the click, good things happen.
  • Who cares? – Ask yourself this all the time. Why should they care about saving 5% or that your brand is the best. Give them details, reasons, and benefits as to why it matters to them to continue to engage with you.
  • Architects – Marketers must design around the experience with the results in mind. Instead of building to the offer, build to whatever the next step should be. Don’t hit them with a sales pitch when they don’t even trust you yet. Build the experience to remove the friction of engagement.

So, those are just four. How did I choose them? I flipped my inky notebook open to random pages and choose my favorite insight from that page. And because there are many, many pages loaded with really useful ideas to help you grow ROI and increase conversions – and market better – expect these stained fingers to bring more goodies to you soon.

And special thanks to everyone at MECLABS for hosting a fantastic event.

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