Changes You Can Make Once You’ve Hit ‘Send’

Emily HaaseYou’ve spent a lot of time crafting the perfect email campaign. But now that you’ve hit send, you’ve realized you need to make a tweak to the content. So, what can and what can’t you change once your campaign has been sent? Let’s take a look:
Changes You CAN Make

Links: If you’re using Concentri for your email needs, (if you’re not, contact us to learn how you can start sending smarter) here’s a look at how you can make changes.

If you need to make changes to a link, go into the content tab in Concentri and click on ‘review links.’ You can make changes to or replace the link in just a few clicks. It’s that simple. It works that way because Concentri rewrites and personalizes all the links to track click through activity.

Images: To change an image, just upload the new image and overwrite the old image. Be sure to save the new image with the same file name as the image you’re replacing. Also be sure that the new image is the same size as the old one.

Changes You CAN’T Make

Though some email clients have a ‘recall message’ feature, it’s important to note that this doesn’t actually change the fact that you’ve sent the message to the recipient. With that in mind, some changes you’re unable to make once you hit ‘send’ are who you’ve sent the message to, the subject line or the text of the email.

Everyone makes mistakes, but the best way to avoid them is with thorough testing. Check out these posts for more testing tips here, here, and here.

(Special thanks to Joe McGarvey, Onboarding Specialist here at Knotice for his input on this post.)

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