Announcing Our Strategic Partnership with Gigya

Patti RennerHere at Knotice, our focus has always been about providing service and software that helps marketers increase ROI with more relevant messaging across channels. Ours is the only platform that unites the channels from the ground up, with data collection and channel execution natively unified within the same platform. Now that elegant solution extends into social.

Yesterday we announced our strategic partnership with Gigya, the #1 social choice for websites. This new relationship will allow marketers to leverage permission-based Facebook data for use across addressable digital media and for actionable analytics. That means brands will be able to seamlessly fuse the wealth of permission-based social identity information (such as Facebook likes, check-ins, and interests) with existing customer data and cross-channel activity (such as purchase history, clicks, and search activity) within our on-demand software platform Concentri. The Knotice-Gigya partnership allows social data collected and stored within Gigya’s Identity Management Platform to be blended with the customer profile and activity data collected and stored via our proprietary Universal Profile Management system. All of this opens the ability to drive actionable analytics and stronger cross-channel execution based on more relevant information.

It’s exciting stuff.

We believe this will transform the way marketers will be able to leverage permission-based Facebook data across addressable digital marketing channels. It also allows for a truly unified view of consumers across the channels including social, which directly supports the findings and recommendations of Forrester Research Inc.’s recent report “The New Messaging Mandate” (January 2012) in which Knotice is featured.

What’s really nice is that the Gigya relationship is going to provide a vehicle for brands to offer more value for consumers in exchange for allowing access to social information. Permission-based social data pulled into our Concentri platform offers an enormous opportunity for marketers to target individuals with increased relevance, adding more value to brand interactions. For example, marketers will now be able to tailor email marketing campaigns based on users’ location, interests and on-site activities, such as sharing and commenting. Not only can marketers use this wealth of permission-based data to support actionable analytics and better cross-channel messaging, it also expands those unified customer identities in a very elegant way.

Privacy considerations are key. These capabilities only exist when consumers have opted-in to share their information with the respective brands by authenticating via Gigya’s Social Login.

With Facebook with connecting a seventh of humanity coupled with the fact that 95% of the time spent on social sites overall is spent on Facebook, it’s safe to say that in 2012, “Social=Facebook.” This new relationship puts Knotice cleanly at the intersection of social and addressable digital media, to leverage the social information for cross channel execution for a deeper level of engagement.

Stay tuned for future case-study examples of the Knotice-Gigya solution in action.

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