More Mobile Predictions for 2012

Dave LawsonIt’s been great to see all the predictions and prognosticating about what’s to come this year – especially as it pertains to mobile. That said, today I’d like to expand on some of the points from an earlier post of mine about mobile expectations for 2012.
People check their email on their mobile devices. In 2012, marketers should expect to see mobile email leading to m-commerce. There are very few occasions where you have the amount of personally addressable data at your fingertips. This can make individual optimized commerce experiences within a single click a reality and is the essence of a great mobile experience: ‘Show me what I want when I want it where I am and based on what I like.’

At the very least, presenting a good user experience will allow you to capture a higher conversion rate from your existing efforts. From there, you will recognize higher traction amongst traditionally lower segments you market to, an increased relevancy and raised brand impression from mobile-first customers and prospects. Some may reveal very telling things you can address programmatically to cater specifically to those who volunteer that they prefer to receive your communication formatted for their busy lifestyle.

An additional trend that seems bound to impact commerce via mobile email is the increased capability of things like CDN solutions so that the big data stores that drive these communications can be put to work to not just personalize but perform. Fast loading, dynamic-to-the-user experiences should begin to become the norm for those on the leading edge.

Another trend that we certainly can’t put numbers on, but that I suspect will begin to show an impact, is the burgeoning mobile payments/wallet/transaction space. The more that card issuers, payment processors, retailers, and other brands looking to get a piece of this pie invest in raising awareness the better. Raising the collective conscience of all phone owners will lower barriers to transacting on devices.

Also, I’ve seen a slew of mobile marketing predictions for 2012. One that I’ve seen quite a bit during the first weeks of the year has been the prediction of the impending death of the QR code, I’ll address that in a later post.

What trend will you be keeping an eye on in the mobile space this year?

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