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Casey BartoWith lingering unemployment, job creation is on the minds of folks across the country, especially during this election season. One leading Northeast Ohio-based radio show, The Civic Commons, decided to tackle that very question, asking listeners “Mommy, where do jobs come from?” in a recent radio program and podcast.
Knotice’s own Jon Grimm and Brent Williams were invited on the show to chat about job creation in the area and growth at Knotice. (You can listen to the full episode below.)

I sat down to talk with Brent, who recently started at Knotice in a job that was recently created. He shared his thoughts on working at one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio, on job creation, and of course, how taping the show went.

“One of the questions I enjoyed being asked was what I would do if I won the lottery, if I would quit my job or not,” he said. “I don’t have children, and my wife and I are both professional musicians outside of the office, so we don’t have any commitments keeping us locked in anywhere. Still my answer was an honest one. I told him that ‘if I won $100,000,000 in the lottery, I would keep my job and invest it in Knotice.’ Now, I may move my ‘office’ to the beach, but I definitely wouldn’t just pick up and walk away. What is life, after all, without purpose.”

One of the things that makes Knotice a great place to work is the atmosphere. We all love our jobs. So when Brent had the opportunity to represent us, he felt honored.

“This company is a major success story, and will continue to be. I haven’t seen anything that I would deem as undermining our success here. The structure, the strategy, the ambition, and mostly the people are all dedicated to the success of the organization. That was the second major contributor to my decision to leave a stable job at a $100 billion company to come here. The first contributing factor being that I would be working with an entire company of folks that ‘get it’ – that I wouldn’t have to justify every decision or explain every concept in order to get traction. But yes, it made me proud to be asked to represent Knotice this way. Plus, the host plugged my band, and my wife’s band! I got to represent Knotice AND plug my music at the same time! Who gets to say that?”

Check out more from Brent and Jon (and more folks from the Akron Global Business Accelerator) below.

Show #43: Mommy, Where do Jobs Come From? by The Civic Commons

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