Five Trends to Watch in 2012: Part 1

Bryce MarshallLast year at this time, I itemized trends for 2011.
As before, my disclaimer remains the same: I am directly tapping my professional experiences of the last year, including discussions with customers, prospects, partners, peers and colleagues. I am referencing my own research and analysis, and I may have also consulted the Internet for its wisdom, but any similarities to published work of others are strictly coincidental. These are my own five areas of addressable interactive marketing I will be monitoring, in which I will be expanding my knowledge, creating strategic plans for the coming year. Let’s start with the Trend One, the rest to come…

#1 – Mobile and social own the conversation. 2011 was a year where marketers understood the importance and value of mobile and social paradigms, and acquired familiarity with the technologies and opportunities, and competence with channel engagement or campaign execution. 2012 will see the continuing tipping of the scales. Campaign execution will transition into a modified holistic view of consumer interaction where mobile and social elements represent the crux of digital consumer engagement, not outlying or niche channels.

In many of my presentations, I quote from Vic Gundotra of Google from 2010. “Focus on the mobile user,” Mr. Gundotra stated, “and all else will follow.” At the time he was the engineering lead for Google’s mobile platforms. Not coincidentally he is now the engineering lead for social platforms, including Google+. We can certainly infer that if this statement was modified for today, he would clarify it is the mobile-social user that stands at the center of the universe.

What Google has understood is that the concepts of mobility and socialization have the potential to be pervasive to every type of online activity. For consumers, mobility and socialization translate to tangible things like convenience, immediacy, information, exploration, communication, action and more.

So every digital campaign element in 2012 must be optimized for mobile interaction, and must inherently foster socialization concepts such as sharing or liking. Or rather, to paraphrase Mr. Gundotra, mobile and social concepts must be the focus of marketer’s strategies, not just add-on channel afterthoughts.

And what smart marketers will realize this year is a mobile and social focus isn’t necessary so as to drive revenue and sales through dedicated m-commerce or f-commerce channels. Mobile and social are the key drivers that will represent success and improved ROI across a brand’s buying channels – whether retail, wholesale, catalog or call center, e-commerce, m-commerce or f-commerce.

More trends to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. hijinxmarketing
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    I always recommend that my clients have at the very least a mobile-friendly website. If they have a large customer base with a need to connect beyond a website, they need to invest in creating an app.

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