Top Direct Digital Marketing Posts of 2011

2011 has been full of interesting developments in the direct digital marketing industry: The Do Not Track concept continued to be a hot topic among marketers, consumers and privacy advocates, Verizon finally got its hands on the iPhone, and AT&T made a failed attempt to acquire T-Mobile.

It’s also been a great year here at Knotice: We’re continuing to grow at an amazing rate, we’ve released our highly regarded Mobile Email Opens Reports. (Check out the latest version here and more.

As the year winds down (and in the spirit of countdown lists everywhere) here are the top 5 posts of 2011. Enjoy! (And thanks for reading!)

  1. Paying Tribute to Steve Jobs: The passing of Steve Jobs in October sent waves through the industry. In this post, some Knotice folks share the impact Steve Jobs made on their lives, and their favorite stories and memories. Check it out, and be sure to add your thoughts in the comments section.
  2. How to Write Better Email Subject Lines: This post from Patti gives you the 5 C’s for compelling subject lines (and some bonus tips.) Remember, no matter how brilliant your email campaign may be, its success hinges on that small string of words with enough zing to inspire an open.
  3. Which Code to Use: MS Tag v. QR Code: As mobile adoption continues to soar, so does the debate over which 2D code is best for connecting with your audience. Our resident mobile expert, Dave, breaks down the benefits of the QR Code and MS Tag to help you decide which code to use in your next mobile campaign.
  4. Best Practices for Mobile Email Design: As we’ve said before, mobile email optimization must be a priority for marketers (especially going into 2012). Here are two best practices for designing mobile email that will be useful and user-friendly.
  5. A Lesson in Email Marketing: I got married this year and with the all the planning and searching for vendors came a flood of bad email marketing practices. In this post I outline some helpful ways to reach brides (or any other industry segment) with your email.

Happy New Year from all of us at Knotice!

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