Santa Automates Naughty List

With each passing year, it seems Santa gets busier and busier. He’s gone from receiving and answering letters to managing his own Twitter feed, Facebook page, and sending SMS alerts about his Christmas Eve campaign. Juggling all the advancements in technology, keeping his naughty and nice lists up to date and fielding numerous gift requests from little ones can be a little overwhelming.

Earlier this year, Knotice received a letter from Santa. He was interested in increasing the efficiency of his legendary Christmas Eve campaign. With the growing number of gift requests he gets each year, Santa was interested in a platform to pull together his data so he could best engage each person on an individual basis during his busy season. In addition, he wanted to better understand areas of interest for more relevant giving for his Christmas Eve send.

Even though Santa is gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, the task of updating each list segment in real-time can be challenging. Because of that, he also was looking for ways to automate the status of each individual on his famous list. The team at Knotice was ready to help.

Check out this screencast to see how Santa was able to use Knotice technology to streamline his Christmas Eve campaign.

Santa selects Knotice

Wishing you a wonderful holiday from all of us at Knotice!

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