Job Growth in Akron

We’ve said it before: Akron is a great place to call home. And The Fiscal Times seems to agree. Earlier this month, the publication named Akron the second best place in the United States to find a job.

“Akron moved up seven notches to earn its second-place slot after a number of major companies that have historically called the city home recently recommitted to that part of Ohio, which is better known these days for being the birthplace of Lebron James than for its legacy as the tire capital of America.”

photo courtesy Goodyear/The Fiscal Times

Knotice is proud to call Akron home and proud to contribute to its second-place ranking by bringing over 30 new jobs to the area. And we’re still hiring. Check out our job openings here.
Knotice is also proud to contribute to the job growth in the Seattle area (number 9 on The Fiscal Times’ Ten Best Cities to find a job list.) We just announced the opening of our Seattle office. Check back for more on our Seattle expansion next week!

In the meantime, check out this news clip from Fox 8 profiling Knotice and other Akron companies contributing to the city’s job growth.

Find a Job in Akron

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