Gadgets – The Most Fun Gift to Give, Part 1

Lori GrimHoliday shopping can be a grueling experience. Finding the right gift, in the right color and size can seem almost impossible. And, let’s face it…it’s just not a lot of fun. But shopping for gadgets? Now that’s fun. Chances are, most of the people on your shopping list already have the basics covered: Droid phones, iPads, laptops, iPods, etc. But there are some fun and useful gadgets for all of the people on your list this year:

Gadgets for the overgrown kid:
Remote controlled cars are fun for kids and adults alike. But a monster truck you control with your iDevice? It can’t possibly get any cooler than that. If you’ve got a toy-loving gadget freak on your shopping list, the dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck is the perfect gift for him or her. You simply attach an RF transmitter to your device – the AppSpeed Monster Truck works with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – then download a free app and you’re off. You can control the Monster Truck by tilting your device like a steering wheel or by using the touch interface. Best of all, the AppSpeed Monster Truck is sturdy so it can handle bumps against the wall or spills from your desk.

For the mom-to-be:
As a music lover and a mother, I’m a firm believer that it’s never too early to expose children to music…so why not start when they’re still in the womb? The Lullabelly Maternity Musical Device is an adjustable belt with a plug for a portable music player that allows a pregnant woman to share music with her baby. The Lullabelly also includes a splitter so mom can plug in headphones and listen to the same music as baby. It’s a great gift for prenatal bonding. On the other hand, if mom’s musical tastes run more toward hard core gansta rap or death metal, then perhaps you should just stick with something simple like a teddy bear.

Gadgets for your pet:
While you’re doing your gadget shopping don’t forget your pet. Yes, there are even gadgets for pets. Tagg – The Pet Tracker is a GPS-enabled collar that sounds an alarm if your furry friend wanders off. It also allows you to track and locate him online. Unfortunately, if your pet is super fast or can climb trees, Tagg can’t help you to catch him. You’ll need to purchase a master kit and a monthly tracking service but if your pet is a beloved member of the family, the cost is well worth it.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my gadget recommendations next week!

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    Any tips on sports-related gadgets?

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