GraTECHtude ’11: Technologies We Appreciate Most

We’ve had a great year here at Knotice, and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for. In what has become somewhat of a tradition at the Lunch Pail, allow us to share a few of the technologies we’re most thankful for this holiday. (And be sure to add what technology you’re most appreciative of below!)

“I’m both grateful and ungrateful for how easy online shopping has become on select clothing sites. Once my info is stored I can select my item and checkout without typing anything else in. So now instead of kicking myself for not jumping on a deal I can kick myself for buying pea-soup-colored sneakers.” – Matt Cole, Account Executive

“I’m in love with Spotify (the free music player that allows you to share with your friends on Facebook). It’s made listening to music so much easier and CHEAPER! My playlist goes wherever I go and I’ve discovered so many artists!” – Shannon White, Production Artist

“I am grateful for Android. I’m a former Microsoftie who got an Android v2.3 phone recently after buying my daughter an Android v2.2 tablet months ago that retails for around $100 on Amazon today. Fantastic what you can do on these devices, puts a PC in every pocket with the reasonably priced phones. These devices do not have the finesse of their Apple counterparts, but they have my favorite quality, for 20% of the price, I get 80% of the functionality. Feels like the days of Windows 3.1 again, one application active at a time, but also installed everywhere on all kinds of devices. Got a Kindle Fire for my wife last week, I believe that’s built on Android; it’s a fantastic device. And I purchased an Android v2.3 tablet as a gift for my mom in her 70s in Singapore to read, YouTube and email from bed or anywhere in the house.” – Ajoy Bose, Software Architect

“I’m grateful for all Apple technology but at this time of year the one I’m most thankful for is FaceTime, which allows me to connect face-to-face with friends and family over our Apple computers and devices. Using FaceTime is a great way to maintain close relationships with loved ones who are far away. And it’s fun, too. My friend shared an excellent view of the beautiful NYC skyline from her hotel room so that I got to look at the Empire State Building from while we chatted! Oh, one other technology I’m grateful for (actually, I’m grateful for lots of technologies but I’m trying to be selective!): I’m also grateful for Internet radio, satellite radio, and my iPod…basically, any technology that allows me to listen to cool music and the music I want, rather than the endless commercials and tedious corporate playlists of terrestrial radio!” – Lori Grim, Senior Account Executive

“The technology I appreciate the most is Wi-Fi and it vast availability in the home, the retail environment, restaurants and coffee shops. As a result, it not only provides more convenience via ecommerce and online shopping, but most importantly, it has made the internet itself more easily accessible to all age groups and income levels, allowing nearly everyone around the globe to be more well-informed and in a more current timeframe than ever before.” – Sandie Hampton , Account Executive

“I’m grateful for my iPhone! Between fun apps like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds that captivate my 3 year old niece to the Weather Channel app that lets me know when a huge storm is coming, I can’t believe how helpful the little machine is! Technology definitely helps me multi-task between work, school and home life and I think I would be lost without it!” – Karen Niedenthal, Accounting Operations Specialist

“I am grateful for my Windows Phone 7. From browsing the internet to finding food to easily navigating to a specific location, it really makes my life easier.” – Matti Salokangas, Software Developer

“I’m grateful for my Macbook Air. It’s light enough that I can carry it with me, ready to go when inspiration strikes.” – Patti Renner, Director of Marketing

“What if the technology I appreciate the most is antiquated technology that was invented by Thomas Edison in 1874 that nobody has been able to best, no matter what modern technology has been able to create to replace it? While originally manufactured from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s, and eventually replaced by solid state transistors, the iteration of the power tube I happen to be speaking of was released in 1936. ( ) The Tetrode Beam Power Tube. There is no technology greater for guitar amplification than that. I happen to have about 14 of them in various configurations at my desk right now!” – Brent Williams, Director of Professional Services

“Three technologies I appreciate most in 2011, as broken down by era:

  • New school: cloud services
  • Somewhat old school: DVR
  • Very old school: remote garage door openers

– Bryce Marshall, Director of Strategic Services

“I’m thankful for Siri. I don’t know how I lived without her. :-)” – Kier Selinsky, Information Architect

“This year I am thankful for my ( TV. And I think I’m going to be thankful for iCloud very soon!” – Amy Chubbuck, Account Supervisor

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