SMS like Teen Spirit

Dave LawsonText messaging can be applied in surprisingly effective and elegant ways, above and beyond pushing offers and alerts. One easy (and often overlooked) way to leverage this multifaceted mobile marketing tool is to use it for data collection and to boost business efficiency.
For example, any product manufacturer can tell you, mail-in rebate redemption programs have produced historically low redemption rates. Not to mention they can be difficult to associate real business benefits. Fender partnered with Knotice to create an SMS rebate redemption program for its Hot Rod Amplifier Summer Tune Up Promotion. Integrating SMS into its mail-in program allowed Fender to immediately capture and use important registration information such as first and last name, email address, and product purchase information.

In addition to the rebate program, having an SMS program up and running opens up additional ways to amplify the value of other initiatives as was the case with the music festival.

Take a look at how Fender Guitar did just that: using SMS to connect with customers in new ways and explore new avenues to business efficiency.

Fender recently used SMS to engage attendees at England’s Reading and Leeds Music Festival. The program allowed attendees to enter a contest to win a Kurt Cobain Jaguar Fender guitar reproduction and receive email updates from Fender. SMS gave Fender a quick and easy way to capture email addresses of contest entrants who saw a video ad on the venue monitors.

Even with all the advances in mobile technology and evolving user behaviors, SMS remains a preferred mobile communication channel that has scale – no apps to download, no high functioning device required. It provides customers with immediate, personalized information. Plus, it’s an efficient way for businesses to quickly gather data while providing excellent consumer experiences.

Because of its flexibility and its tremendous reach, SMS is one of the most effective tools in delivering convenience and timeliness to the mobile brand experience and in capturing interaction data that can inform greater personalization and relevancy in future digital interactions. Its use and effectiveness can be magnified by easily integrating with mobile web, apps, and other more traditional means of marketing.

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