Mobile Expectations for 2012

Dave Lawson2012 is nearly upon us, and with the end of another year comes a slew of predictions about what the next year will bring. Over the past year, the distribution and use of smartphones soared (as most everyone expected.) Recent research from Gartner reveals that during the third quarter of 2011, worldwide sales of smartphones increased 5.6 percent from last year. That means nearly 441 million smartphones were put into the hands of consumers.
So what can we expect from the mobile consumer in 2012?
We already know that they are checking email, browsing for information and using their mobile devices in-store. Based on these behaviors, it’s reasonable to predict that the next step will see consumers making transactions via their mobile devices. You likely already have a direct digital marketing relationship with these consumers (through email, website and mobile activity) and providing them with an enjoyable mobile experience can help open the door to the mobile transaction front.

Mobile email can play a huge role in mobile commerce. By presenting a message in a usable and optimized format that resonates with the recipient you can drive to a relevant and seamless commerce experience.

If the idea of integrating email and commerce into your mobile strategies seems daunting, start small.

Take a look at your analytics to see how many consumers are opening your emails via mobile. It’s important to look at the open stats and not just clicks. Present consumers with a bad experience when they open the email, and they will be less likely to click through.

Starting small also applies to the mobile commerce experience. When designing the experience, it helps to focus on consumers that are in ‘buy’ mode. Forget the ‘browser’ or ‘information seeker,’ these people are less likely to make a purchase via mobile. Don’t include anything that could distract from the buying experience, such as links to other content or pages. And as always, once you have your mobile email or commerce experience in place, test and test again and then make changes.

A new year brings with it new opportunities for growth. Mobile is certainly gaining speed as a channel of choice for increasing numbers of consumers. It’ll be interesting to see how marketers will keep up with and exceed the expectations of mobile consumers in the year ahead.

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