Email Marketing to Brides: A Redux

Casey BartoI’ve walked down the aisle, said ‘I do’, and mailed the thank you notes. My wedding is over, which means (or so I thought) that the wedding-related emails streaming into my inbox would finally stop.
While the volume of emails has certainly slowed, I’m still seeing some of the bad marketing practices that I wrote about at the beginning of this journey.
Here’s a refresher: I attended a bridal show in January looking for some good ideas and vendors. Several weeks after the show, I found myself wading through a pile of email from vendors which left me confused and constantly hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

As my wedding date crept closer, the stream of (mostly poorly targeted) vendor emails slowed, and eventually became replaced by a steady trickle of honeymoon-related email.

Now that I’m officially a Mrs., I’ve received a few “rate your vendors” and “here’s how to co-exist with your new husband” emails, which were to be expected. What I’m surprised with, though, is the steady stream of email I’ve begun receiving from photographers.

I’m married. What do I need a wedding photographer for?

This is why it’s so important to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your email lists. As a vendor, you received my name and event information when I signed up to receive your emails. Take a look at your list. Is it past the event date for some of your subscribers? If so, fix it.

Even if you don’t have an event date, take a look at when I signed up for your list. Has it been a while? Take into consideration that I may have already gotten married or I may not be in need of your services any longer.

Some brides may have longer engagements than others. Tailor your email to reflect that. Instead of sending the standard “choose us for your photographer” email several times, try sending an email with tips for a great shoot, how to properly preserve your wedding photographs, or other handy information.

More than most segments, brides require highly targeted, very timely information. By taking time to make sure your lists are in top shape, you’ll avoid annoying your audience with poorly targeted and irrelevant communications. Remember, brides are busy!

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