Happy Halloween from Knotice!

We love a good time here at Knotice and our annual Halloween costume contest is no exception. Dozens of people here worked to put together costumes was worthy of a pretty cool grand prize: an iPad 2.
The likes of Miss Piggy, Snookie, a zombie (and zombie hunter), Dr. House and Amy Winehouse roamed the halls. Our own CEO Brian even made an “appearance.”

Check out some of the fun below. (Can you guess the Lunch Pail writer who’s behind the winning costume?)

Emily floated around our offices as the “Angel of the Blue Screen of Death.” (Thankfully she didn’t touch anyone’s computer.)

Mandy dressed as a familiar face. Her “Brian” costume (complete with kids in tow) was among the party favorites.

Here’s Matt Cole dressed as a rocket man and Amy dressed as an angel.

Here’s Matt Cole dressed as a rocket man and Amy dressed as an angel.

Patti made an appearance as Amy Winehouse complete with Knotice flair - a tattoo of the Concentri logo inked by Todd. (The pinup below was drawn by Casey Shaulis.)

Jem (Sarah) and Capt. Kathryn Janeway (Amanda) of Star Trek: Voyager.

But the costume that takes the cake (and the iPad) was the Black Swan. Like the film, is was an incredible transformation – he came to work in his usual thick beard, then shaved at lunch to pull off the look.

Can you guess who it is?

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