Email: 4 Quick Tips Before You Send

Patti RennerSomeone once explained that personal email is like a handgun, and the send button is the trigger. You have to be sure your message is clear and correct because once you’ve “fired off” that email, as you can’t take it back. And that was just referring to personal emails.
For direct digital marketers, the stakes are far higher. When your scheduled send command delivers messages to hundreds of thousands of people at once, it’s nothing to take lightly. To take the gun analogy even further, once email campaigns are “locked and loaded” into your system, that handgun quickly becomes an automatic weapon. This compounds the need for scrutiny when proofing and testing. For details on testing, check out Emily’s post here.

Here’s a quick checklist to help evaluate the content before you hit send.

  1. Is the content correct? Proof the copy as if your life depends on it. And don’t stop with just the paragraphs and headlines. You also need to check image titles, any links (clicking through to their destination to make sure they work), etc.
  2. Is the message clear? Make sure the call to action is easy to understand. Does every word of copy serve a purpose? Also, check for redundancies, that the same words or expressions aren’t repeated when you check for redundancies.
  3. Is it just too much? Recent studies show a newsletter with shorter intro articles with a link to send people to a long-copy landing page converts better than longer copy to begin with. People are at a point of information overload, and having too much information within the email or newsletter could work against you. Best way to know for sure is to test.
  4. Is it relevant? Make sure you’re sending out the right message to the right person – one that has value. Use your customer data to define and refine your segments, then customize your message around content (or working) they’ll respond to best. Make use of dynamic content capabilities to simplify and automate the process. If you need help setting that up in Concentri, go here.

A profile-based marketing platform that includes powerful testing and segmentation tools is a must-have for today’s marketers. Be sure to recognize that “simple” can also be extremely powerful. Check, test and be ready.

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