How to Determine 2D Code Program Success

Dave LawsonWhen considering a 2D code campaign, a question marketers often ask me is, “How will I know if the program is a success?” In most cases, my explanation begins by having the marketers consider the reasonable expectations for the number of scans based on circumstances and historic precedent. (It’s a shot in the dark, but it helps to take the partner through the thought process.)
It’s important to note that each 2D program should be considered on a case-by-case basis, and is truly dependent on a few considerations. That said, here’s an exercise to help you determine the success of your 2D code programs:
  1. Context of the deployment: Is this a programmatic approach to incorporating 2D codes into your brand experience or is it more of a campaign approach? If it’s a campaign, is it an ad? Are there other codes in the media the ad is placed within? Is it in-store? If so, is it a store you own or are you a product for sale in someone else’s store? Is it a single place in the store, what kind of signage is there to promote it, what other products around you have opportunities to engage digitally?

    Answers to all of the above questions can play a role in your education needs, your foot traffic/eyeballs, and your scan numbers.

  2. Strength of offer: This is huge. In my experience, it’s the single biggest factor in campaign participation activity. What’s in it for me? What do I get for scanning? What is the value exchange? It’s what drives the participation in SMS campaigns, email offers, in-store promotions, and basically everything else.

    If the offer/CTA has a value that is high on the scale relative to competitive products or offers in general, you get more people to participate. If it is in the middle or low in value, participation will likely be reflected in kind. Rocket science it is not. The cost to produce the pay-off does have to make sense for your business; you should really be plugged into the value of the engagement a scan would impart for your brand.

  3. Audience readiness: What is your total population and how does their mobile usage align with this type of activation? Simply put: you should know if there are fish in the water before you buy a pole. Take a good look at your data. Have any customers opened your email on a mobile device? Are you seeing a lot of mobile activity on your other campaigns? Look at the numbers. Mobile adoption rates are climbing nationally, but check your own population as a lens for 2D campaign expectations.

    Have more points to include? Share them below!

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