Creating Segments with Your Data

Patti RennerThe drive for brands to better engage across channels is in high gear – getting the right message (content, offers, options, etc.) to the right person at the right moment with seamless consistency across channels. With so many different messages targeting so many different audiences through so many different routes – having the right solution to simplify the process becomes more important than ever.
Words like “relevance” and “context” are tossed around a lot. Most marketers understand the importance of targeting with precision – they just don’t know how to blow up their lists to get the advanced segmentation they know they need.

This might help. The following quick screencast (less than minute to load, about 40-seconds run-time) shows you how easy it is to create tight segments based on your customer data. That means you can quickly create very specific segments based on real-time information (customer behavior, purchases, preferences, search, etc.) to inform content for campaigns via email, mobile, on your website and/or direct display advertising. See for yourself.

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  1. […] Highly targeted campaigns. Getting the right message to the right person at the right moment means further email delivery growth, especially as campaigns get more specific and targeted. In many cases, better targeting means smaller sends are done more often. That can result in spending more money on campaigns and production, however, the payoff is larger. Batch-and-blast may be a thing of the past as advanced segmentation and targeting does more to increase ROI. […]

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