Building Emails around Images Turned Off

Patti RennerYou’ve worked hard on that campaign. Your designer did a fantastic job. The email looks great. The colors are just right. Love the font. It all just works – especially how she was able to integrate the special offer into the image used for her design. Very cool.
Too bad about 95% of email subscribers have images “turned off” by default. That means the beautiful graphic that includes the details, the offer, and the call-to-action are invisible to the majority of the people you’re sending to, until those images are turned on. But there are ways to get around the blanks and strengthen email design overall to result in for stronger clicks and conversions, as presented by Ryan Urban of Bonobos at last week.

Tips to engage people beyond the email hero image:

  • Build your email with the assumption that the images may be turned off.
  • Create links in HTML to “See all offers” and give calls to action actual HTML buttons.
  • Pull your logo out of the image and place it above with a link to your website.
  • Run text under the image to provide a deeper narrative of the offer or what’s presented in the image (the one that may or may not be visible) with a button or link.
  • Use the image alt text strategically so it reads something like “View Deal” or “Save 60% on Cookware” to still serve as a call to action even without the graphic.
  • Make the navigation header in HTML instead of as part of the image. (Keep it in your brand colors and style.)
  • Give the entire email an HTML color border to help frame the email content and help it stand out from the rest.

He adds that if your emails go into spam, you need to switch your email service provider. Forrester gave Knotice a perfect score in email deliverability, so you may want to start here.

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