Meet Brent: Director of Professional Services

Brent Williams loves music. He loves music so much he’s in not one, but three bands, lending his voice and guitar playing talents to each. His vehicle of choice isn’t a sporty car or a heavy duty truck. Instead, it’s a cargo van loaded with everything he needs for a jam session.
Musical talent runs in the family. Brent’s wife is a drummer in one of his bands.
“Making music has become a major commitment for me, as I rehearse basically every night, and play every weekend. It is rare that I have even a single night in a given week that I am not playing guitar for someone,” explains Brent.

When he’s not making music, Brent is serving as Knotice’s new director of professional services.

Brent Williams, Knotice's director of professional services

He brings over 17 years of experience to the job, having worked with companies such as KraftMaid, and KeyBank and brands like Moen, restaurant chain Max & Erma’s and Bayer Healthcare.
“When it comes to digital, I’ve done it all,” notes Brent.
It was while serving as the VP, interactive marketing manager at KraftMaid that Brent got a firsthand look at all Concentri can do.
“I was extremely impressed with the technology, the approach, and my ability to comprehend how best to implement that solution within the complex environment,” he said.

Brent is looking forward to bringing his vast experience to the professional services team. He’s excited about: “the ability to define for myself and the organization the best way for me to contribute to the company.”

If he’s not guiding the professional services team or jamming with his bands, you’ll likely find Brent admiring cars (including his own impressive collection) and spending time with his family including his two dogs, Peco and Dempsey.

Welcome Brent!

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