Meet Jeff: Knotice’s Director of Analysis & Strategy

One of the things that makes Knotice a great place to work is its people. From yoga to soccer to Warrior Dashing, we play just as hard as we work. It’s this can-do attitude that attracted Jeff Carey, Knotice’s new director of analysis and strategy, to the company.
“I had the privilege to work with Knotice in my previous job. I was always very impressed with everyone I worked with at Knotice. The “can do” attitude is just part of the culture,” explains Jeff.

Jeff Carey, director of analysis and strategy at Knotice

Jeff has over 15 years of interactive marketing experience under his belt. He began his career in the direct mail/catalog industry, which provided him a great foundation for tracking, measuring, analyzing and driving business forward based upon what the data tells you.
From there, he went on to work for a variety of companies, including Dell.
“When I started at Dell everyone had a sign in their cube from Michael Dell that said, ‘If you can’t track it, don’t do it.’ That has always stuck with me,” he said.
In his new role at Knotice, Jeff will be responsible for supporting insight-driven marketing strategies, leveraging advanced segmentation approaches, modeling, and data analysis. He’ll work with Knotice customers and prospects to inform Knotice’s Development and Engineering team on key platform requirements within Knotice’s innovative on-demand software, Concentri®.

“I’m extremely excited about the future, how Knotice is pushing the industry forward. I’m also really excited about direct display. Linking direct display (advertising) to the insightful data we have in Concentri (with email, web, mobile) will be a very powerful marketing lever for our clients.”

When he’s not in the office, Jeff can be found spending time with his family and enjoying college football games. “I am a huge college football fan. My Saturdays throughout the fall are pretty much booked,” he said.

Welcome Jeff!

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