From the Show Floor: Mobile Insider Summit

Dave LawsonMediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit never fails to provide great content and thought-provoking conversation. This year’s event in Tahoe was chock full of great advice and insight.
Here are some of my takeaways from the show:
It’s all about data: Data is key to both executive buy-in and the ability to optimize and scale a mobile program. Depending on their analytics situation, there is actually a lot of data available to marketers. However, in all of the cases I’ve heard in presentations and side conversations at the show, this data exists in disparate silos, which makes it hard to bring together (effort, cost, no normalization) even to form impressions from a high level. It’s surprising that no one is talking about being able to make the data easily actionable for messaging and content on mobile, let alone making it actionable across their other digital engagements.A solution to this is Concentri.

Get ahead of the mobile curve: The mobile commerce opportunity isn’t transformative just yet, but many show attendees cited the similarity to early ecommerce with a number of the same underlying drivers that made ecommerce quickly become a significant player in retail. It’s important to get ahead of the curve. Retailers and agencies discussed the reality of 2D codes (but solely referred to QR codes, no MS Tag) and the feeling was split. Some were moving past 2D, looking for the next big thing (which there isn’t a consensus on). Others dug it, but shared that they are stingy with the allocation across their brand or direct response efforts so they don’t burm out customers. They strive to deliver a great post-scan experience to enhance their brand experience. The value of the customer and consumer context is high. Overall, a widely recommended best practice is to produce a streamlined mobile experience that is highly relevant to the user and what they want, when they want it. Developments in the use of data to present content and deliver relevancy were high on the list of things that can change the game for consumer experiences via mobile.

Check out more from the show here. Were you in attendance? What was your most valuable takeaway?

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