Targeted Use of Mobile Impacts Revenues

Patti RennerOur past Lunch Pail declaration that “mobile matters” may be manifesting itself within corporate revenues and growth.
New research by Aberdeen Group reveals an interesting dynamic between mobile marketing and increased revenue. The report, “Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing: Increasing Marketing’s Revenue Contribution,” details the differences between organizations effectively using mobile as part of their overall multi-channel mix (with executive support), and those who are not. The magic-bullet is having metrics behind mobile initiatives – having real data to share, to learn from, and to leverage.

Most executives (58%) have “organic growth of revenues” as a primary goal driving their corporate agendas. Of course, similar growth goals are shared by 40% of marketers. Obviously, revenue growth is important to all.

But things get interesting when you look at the revenue growth of those companies who support and measure the use of mobile campaigns and programs versus those who don’t.

According to Aberdeen, “Every single marketing department conducting a cost/benefit analysis as a part of a ‘metric-driven’ mobile marketing strategy has executive support for their mobile marketing initiatives, compared to only 53% of their peers without this strategy.”

A consistent, relevant mobile approach as part of an overall digital marketing mix can help boost sales and customer loyalty. It also can evolve marketing into a profit center. Using a platform that features robust analytics is becoming increasingly valuable.

Metrics can help executives get behind deeper investment in mobile. The ability to report on real data of results (including ROI) can fuel even stronger mobile initiatives. Stronger mobile initiatives (such as mobile buy-flow programs) can feed increased revenues. It’s a lovely circle – one that’s built on analytics.

“Marketing departments with a keen eye on sustaining consistency of brand image within their marketing activities across any channel enjoy performance improvements in several key measures, including: company revenue; customer satisfaction, and the number of unique and repeat visitors to their website,” says Aberdeen in the report.

I’ve said privately that mobile is too often a stepchild of digital marketing. Companies know they have to do something with mobile, but they do so reluctantly. This reluctance may be a handicap to the organic growth desired.

It helps to have a trusted, experienced partner to help integrate mobile into your overall marketing mix and get your approach backed with experience and expertise. We’re here to help, if you’d like to discuss.

I invite you to download the report to learn more (it’s free for a limited time):Metric-Driven Mobile Marketing: Increasing Marketing’s Revenue Contribution.

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