Turnkey 2D Solutions to Unlock Real Value

Dave LawsonAs the popularity of 2D barcodes continues to rise, marketers are faced with a variety of questions. One question I see often in marketing circles is “What turn-key 2D barcode solution would offer businesses and brands the most value?”
First remember that no matter where your content comes from, it needs to be pulled into a mobile optimized, contextually appropriate experience. It also needs to be run through a “transform” layer to make it work elegantly for mobile.

The vast majority of good mobile experiences are less about having 100% custom creative and more about getting the right information to the right place at the right time – in the right amount of time (immediately or shortly thereafter) and at least produce a moderately “wow” experience based on the connecting device’s capabilities. This will progress in the future with more parity and improvements across devices, networks and with continued richer media development. For most scan experiences today, the bar is pretty low.

Until then, using a template can be an extremely efficient way to ensure your content renders well on a mobile device. The template approach can be combined with content modules and various content widgets so varied combinations and layouts can be executed efficiently while maintaining brand consistency. This should be agile enough to allow unique destinations per campaign and purpose-built to deliver the promised or implied “goods” immediately with little to no navigation.

To take full advantage of the code and the data that is shared at the scanner app level, content needs to be dynamic based on sequencing (first scan vs. second, third, fourth, etc), location, etc, or based on a unique identifier ID. Ideally, you can also pull in profile data and pre-populate fields if you have a previous relationship with the customer.

While getting to market is a top priority, optimization and learning are very often unappreciated during the planning process. Analytics should also be tied in and easily managed for scan-side activity as well as mobile web activity and actions taken after the scan. Those activities, along with all other details of the scan activity should become segmentable for the marketer and allow the aforementioned personalization of the content down to the user level.

Until competition for 2D market share creates either a standard code or universal reader, generation of multiple code varieties should also be possible depending on where the placement will be, the audience they need to tap into, etc.

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