Save Time by Targeting with Live Zones

Emily HaasePreviously, when marketers wanted to use different content to target different people, they created a variety of lists. Each list got one variation of the content. This approach accomplished the goal, but was time consuming and inefficient.
Thanks to dynamic content and live zones, there’s no longer a need for marketers to create scores of lists and extra content. The process of delivering relevant content can be automated using a rules-based approach and the right system.
If you’re not familiar with how live zones work, here’s a rundown: Live zones allow marketers to take control over a pre-defined area of a website by inserting dynamic content, creating a completely customized online experience for each customer.

Concentri® users can easily create and manage live zone content within the software’s WYSIWYG editing environment (more on WYSIWYG best practices is coming soon.) Once content is created, all you have to do is apply the desired display rules to target a specific segment.

For example, if you own a pet supplies site and create a “cat lovers who have viewed a blue mouse toy segment,” when that customer interested in cats revisits your site, they will see the blue mouse toy they looked at during their earlier site visit. Thanks to live zones, it’s that easy. And customizing your website content to specific visitors can all be done without getting your IT team involved.

With Concentri you can also insert dynamic content into email subject lines. This is a huge (and oftentimes missed) opportunity to create a highly personalized piece of communication. All Concentri users have to do to insert dynamic content into their subject lines is drop the same display rule they use for website content into the subject line. Again, it’s that easy.

It’s all about delivering your audience content you know they will be interested in. Concentri allows you to easily capture and use a variety of data – from purchase history and email clicks to online search and behavior – to create the targeted, personalized experiences today’s consumers demand.

Thanks again to Joe McGarvey, Onboarding Specialist here at Knotice, for his valuable input on this post.

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