Fetch Content to Automate Content Management

Chris HolmokContent Management Systems (CMS) are great. They help marketers manage a variety of content – from mobile microsites, to email, to landing pages, and more. But most content management systems are only good at delivering and hosting static content. This means if you want to update your web page, email or whatever, you have to log into the CMS change the content and then publish it.
Many organizations have different tools and systems for different jobs. The website is handled by vendor A with CMS from company B, and email marketing is handled in-house using a completely different system, while landing pages are also handled on another system.

Something better: With the “fetch content” feature in Concentri, you can pull content from multiple sources into an email, a landing page, or any other content within Concentri.

How does the fetch content feature work? It allows you to set a property on any content module that tells it to get its content from the Web. Just give it a Web address and tell Concentri when to fetch the content (manual, scheduled, or prior to send). You can even fetch just portions of a Web page. You can also upload a transformation file that will allow you to fetch RSS and news feeds and transform it into HTML.

Check out how some of our customers are using the feature:

  • Synchronizing navigation on landing pages hosted by Concentri with a marketing website managed by a different CMS;
  • Pulling in up-to-date news into daily newsletter from multiple news sources;
  • Pulling reviews hosted from another website into a mobile microsite.

With fetch content, Concentri answers the question: How are we going to keep all this content from different sources in synch and up to date? Just keep managing content where it makes the most sense and let Concentri fetch it, combine it, package it and deliver it.

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