Creating a Smooth M-Commerce Experience

Amy ChubbuckProviding an easy enjoyable shopping experience via mobile can put your brand at the top of a consumer’s mind. But, providing a poorly designed, difficult to navigate experience can place you in the consumer’s rear view mirror.
Though the act of actually making purchases via mobile isn’t heavily adopted among consumers just yet, I’m always interested in checking out the various m-commerce experiences that brands offer. Here are three steps to creating an enjoyable, smooth experience when it comes to m-commerce.

Step #1: Having a mobile-optimized site. There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a site or clicking through from an email on my mobile device to find that the place I landed isn’t optimized for mobile. You’ve got an interested customer actively seeking information from your brand and you’ve left them in the dark, unable to get the information they need to make a decision or purchase. I don’t want to see your regular site smaller. I want a mobile-optimized site designed around my needs.
If the thought of optimizing your site for mobile overwhelms you, just watch this.

Step #2: Creating a smooth mobile buyflow. Mobile buyflow is the process consumers take when purchasing something via mobile device. Now that your mobile content is optimized, the next step is to have a mobile-optimized (and secure) buyflow. Be sure to have each step of the buyflow process optimized from the landing page all the way to checkout. (Remember, one mobile misstep and the customer is gone.)

When it comes to selecting a mobile buyflow solution, features like device-optimized templates and automated device detection make it easier to design a great purchase experience that’s device specific. If it doesn’t render well across most brands and operating systems, consumers may not trust it enough to use it – especially when making a purchase.

Step #3: Make it easy for them. Analysts and trends both say we’ll be using our mobile devices as a lifestyle tool first and a phone second. That means you need to be ready. Make the shopper feel at ease and allow them to quickly navigate the shopping experience via mobile, and they will thank you – perhaps with increased conversions and deeper reach thanks to a solid m-commerce approach. When you’re ready, we can help.

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