The Lunch Pail Hits 500

Patti RennerThe Lunch Pail approach is all about success that comes with hard work. When we started this blog back in 2008, it was intended to showcase our passion for hard work and the ‘roll up your sleeves’ attitude we have when it comes to powerful direct digital marketing. Its name is a nod to our home-sweet-home inside the brick walls of the historic BF Goodrich tire factory (now renovated as warehouse-style office space) in downtown Akron. In fact, you can see our smokestacks (the ones just outside our windows) in this Black Keys video.
Today we cross the milestone of our 500th blog post. In those 500 articles is advice and information to help you work smarter and do better with stronger marketing through digital channels, plus have a little fun along the way.

The Lunch Pail has been listed several times on Junta 42’s Top Content Marketing Blogs, and this year, we are proud to be recognized with a gold Hermes Creative Award for blogging. It’s the first time The Lunch Pail has won this distinguished honor. Good stuff.

To mark the occasion of this Lunch Pail milestone, we did what anyone would do: we had a party! Big cake (and everyone got a piece, unlike Milton in “Office Space”), quick celebration, then back to work. It was good to get the contributors together for a little fun. I am grateful to each one of them for the extra time, effort and expertise they put in to help make The Lunch Pail a success. I am especially grateful to Casey Barto who is not only a fantastic PR person on my marketing team, she also does an exceptional job as managing editor for the blog, keeping things (and schedules) on track. Go Casey!

Here we are at the party, wearing silly hats. Pictured are (L to R) Back: Brian Deagan, Mike D’Arguma,Scott Cooper, Dutch Hollis, Bryce Marshall, Todd Fleming, Matti Salokangas Front: Patti Renner, Micah Hatton, Casey Barto. (Not pictured: Chris Holmok, Dave Lawson, Emily Haase, and Amy Chubbuck.)

As we look back over the years of posts, it’s interesting to see how many great things have happened at Knotice. A slew of new customers have joined us. We’ve published industry-hailed and award-winning white papers. We’ve established our Mobile Email Opens Reports. Plus business is thriving and and we’re hiring.

For a blast from the past, check out the very first blog post, written by Brian.

Thanks for reading!

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