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Knotice continues to grow at an amazing rate – it seems there are three or four new faces being introduced at every company meeting. Because there are so many of us now, maintaining the same close personal relationships across departments is a little harder than it used to be. That’s a natural occurrence no matter where you work, however – people just tend to socialize more with those they most directly work with.
It’s one of the main reasons behind the formation of the Knotice co-ed soccer team. And so far, the team has already accomplished its primary goal, which is giving all Knotice employees (and a significant other or two) a chance to enjoy a lot of soccer and even more cross-department socializing. Right now, the team has 22 different employees from every department participating in either weekly company pick-up games or competitive league play.

Knotice employees and soccer team members who participate in league play include, from L-R: (front row) Todd Fleming, Katy Bright, Kier Selinsky, Jeremy Fisher, Susan Botson and Mike D’Agruma; (back row) Chelsea Iott, Becky DeRosa, Scott Cooper, Scott White, Stephen Lehner, Jason Pero and Matt Cole.
Not pictured: David Landers

Warrior Llama?

On Sunday, our team of Warrior Llamas braved the mud, sludge, hills, spills and fire of incredible Ohio terrain (3.10 hellish miles) for the Warrior Dash in Logan, Ohio. Over 9,750 finished the race. Our team members were in there somewhere. (Who can tell with all the mud?). Pictured below are: Chelsea Iott, Mike Naeger, Becky DeRosa, Chris DeRosa and Scott Cooper.

A Shared Rainbow
Our Knotice team talent often spills into the arts. Here at Knotice, Corey Farrow is the guy who fixes your computer and Joe Minadeo is a senior member of the data team – but music is their passion. Their award-winning group, Low in the Sky uses a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments to create emotive instrumental pop tracks. The group’s newest album, ‘A Shared Rainbow,’ is a reaction to the harsh winter we just experienced here in Northeast Ohio, with 9 upbeat summery times that feature many fabulously talented area musicians and artists, including two more Knotice folks: Amy Chubbuck on vocals and Jeremy Fisher on drums. Give it a listen at

Once voted Cleveland Scene’s “Best Beatmaker,” Joe describes the band’s style: “We’re pretty untraditional. We all have distinct styles and contribute different aspects and samples to the music.”

If you’re interested in joining the team at Knotice, check out the many opportunities available at

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