Mobile Commerce Summit Recap

Casey BartoThese days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have their mobile device with them at nearly every minute of the day. Mobile devices are trusted companions, providing advice on what television to purchase, where to have dinner, or how to maintain a lawnmower. Oh, and they also come in handy for making calls.
The use of mobile – from SMS, to mobile-optimized web sites and email, to 2D barcodes – helps add legs to the in-store retail experience. Retailers are beginning to sit up and take notice.
To help retailers better understand the mobile channel, the variety of mobile technology, and the state of mobile commerce, Mobile Commerce Daily held its annual Mobile Commerce Summit yesterday in New York City.

Among the featured speakers sharing advice and best practices was Knotice’s CEO Brian Deagan. Brian was invited to participate on a panel outlining mobile’s role in amplifying retail and the in-store shopping experience. He provided valuable insight into how marketers can implement a variety of mobile initiatives in-store to help consumers when make purchasing decisions. Brian discussed the importance of providing a relevant, purposeful mobile experience to consumers by providing them with product information when they scan a 2D code on a product, for example.

Brian also noted that as many as one out of every two retailer emails are being opened on a mobile device . A common misconception among marketers is that it takes a lot of time and effort to optimize email for mobile. That’s simply not the case (see how easy it is here.)

In addition to mobile marketing experts from a variety of companies, the summit featured executives from some of the top retailers. Retail executives from eBay, Target, and HSN (to name a few) spoke about their experiences with mobile. Dan Fine, director of digital experience at Target, noted the importance of knowing your customer base before implementing a mobile strategy. (This is a topic Dave addressed in his post on Wednesday.)

Did you attend the Summit or follow the conversation on Twitter? What did you find most valuable?

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