What Makes a Good Email Campaign?

To help you create effective and targeted email campaigns, here are some tips from the pros here at Knotice.
“A great campaign is tightly targeted, well tested and timely. Targeted, to make sure the message is relevant for the recipient while providing the best ROI for the sender. Tested, to ensure the message is as effective as it can be within the constraints of the campaign. And timely refers to both the relevance of the messaging as well as the recipient’s ability and desire to act on it when it’s received.” Dutch

“A content-first perspective from everyone in the creation and implementation of the campaign is important. This also plays into design as well. Because email clients only display simple, 1998-style code bases, it’s easy to focus on and get lost in creating flashy, large images to say what simple text should be used for. Big images make for a nicer-looking piece of content, but they do nothing to prevent an email from losing the ability to say anything if a user viewing a message in Outlook doesn’t want to download images, or if a user is viewing the email on a mobile device where the images scale too far down be read legibly.” Todd

“This is a simple one, and I’m sure 10 people will give this one to you, but obviously not having a clear and concise call to action is the best way to destroy an email campaign. Also, having a CTA that links to a confusing or hard-to-read landing page can be just as devastating. If a user can’t follow through on the call to action, or gets confused on the process when they get to the landing page, then there was no point in having an email campaign to begin with.” – Mike

“I think any email campaign can be great if the person designing it keeps one principle in mind – it’s a privilege to send an email to a customer’s inbox. If you approach every step from start to finish in that light, the result will be a great email campaign.” Emily

“Of course, the best email campaigns are those that get results. And to get results, marketers must take a customer-centric approach. The message and its format must ‘speak a person’s language,’ sharing with them details they want to know or could find useful or entertaining. Share details (it’s not just on sale – it’s the specific product at 40% off). Give them specifics presented in such a way that it’s a pleasure to read.” Patti

What tips would you add for creating a successful email campaign? Let us know below!

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