Mobile Optimized Email Simplified

Patti Renner“We really need to make sure our email campaigns render properly every mobile device – not just on an iPhone. I mean, we don’t need to invest good money and time in an email campaign that people can hardly read if they open it on their BlackBerry.”
Sound familiar?
You already know that more and more consumers are using mobile devices as their “lifestyle power tool” of choice –always with them, entertaining them, educating them, directing them. The percentage of consumers reading emails exclusively on their mobile device is also on the rise. Even though it may be a common marketing misconception, the thought of the time it might take to optimize email for mobile – creating multiple versions of an email to support the variety of mobile devices in the marketplace – can be daunting. Fortunately, I have good news.

Creating mobile-optimized email doesn’t have to be difficult. There is technology out there that enables marketers to quickly optimize email for mobile without having to do extra work.

Now you can optimize for mobile in just a few clicks.

Check out this screencast (below) that takes you step-by-step through how to optimize your emails for mobile with Knotice’s Concentri platform. See for yourself how you can leverage a single piece of content across desktop email and a wide array of mobile devices. Concentri’s preview tools allow you to see how your desktop email will look on different mobile devices. And if you need to make an edit, just change the content once and your edits will be carried over to the desktop and mobile versions, without doubling your efforts. It’s a huge timesaver – especially when juggling multiple campaigns.

Consumers are mobile, so having mobile optimized email as part of your email initiatives is essential. It’d be a shame to miss opportunities or decrease your potential ROI because your email doesn’t render well on a mobile device.

With Knotice’s on-demand marketing platform, Concentri, you can maximize your return on email campaigns – serving up the email experience that renders well for each individual you send to. See how it all comes together below:

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    Great post, Patti.

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