Some Useful Mobile News

Casey BartoThe mobile space evolves rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that it can be tough to keep up to date on the latest happenings within the space. With this in mind, I thought I’d provide a quick roundup of recent mobile news you might find useful.
Consumer privacy has been a hot topic as of late with privacy concerns stemming beyond the web browser to the mobile device.
A recent report from researchers Allistair Allan and Pete Warden revealed that the iPhone keeps a log of location data for each user of the device. The log contains the location coordinates and timestamps of users’ movements. Supposedly a new log file is created each time the user syncs the phone to a computer. As you can imagine, these developments have both privacy advocates and lawmakers concerned and have asked Apple to address the matter.

We’ve discussed several times how consumers view email on mobile devices, but email isn’t the only thing with an increase in views on a mobile device. A recent report shows that more and more people are viewing presentations on their mobile devices. In fact, 1 out of 10 presentations is now viewed via mobile, with three-quarters of those views on an iPhone.

Mobile Marketer reports that SMS can be an effective tool for driving mcommerce sales and complimenting a mobile web experience. Specifically, retailers can take advantage of SMS to remind consumers of their abandoned mcommerce shopping carts.

As always, stay tuned to the Lunch Pail for more industry news updates. And keep your eyes peeled for our next Mobile Email Opens Report coming soon!

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