The Benefits of Creating an App for That

Dave LawsonProviding consumers with a useful, relevant, app experience can have many powerful benefits. In my last post, I mentioned the risks associated with creating and deploying an app. In it, I offered ways to mitigate the risks. I also offered insights regarding the importance of leveraging a platform that can manage your content and your presentation across multiple OS and devices so you can do more by taking a build-once-use-anywhere approach – not just for mobile web but for hybrid apps as well.
But what about the benefits of creating an app?

Before we get into that, it’s important to keep in mind why you are creating an app. Here are some things to consider before investing time and resources in app creation. Let your answers to the questions below help guide your decision on whether an app is right for you.

  • Do we have a pool of customers that we can offer a relevant mobile experience to?
  • What is the role we want mobility to play for our brand in our customer’s eyes?
  • What revenue can be impacted by us being in our customer’s pocket?
  • Do we need an OS-specific app or would we be better off to cultivate relationships via larger reach methods, such as mobile web or SMS (which, by the way, drives loyalty through the roof when done correctly) or even a hybrid app strategy?
  • Does my partner of choice just build apps, or do they have a toolset and a vision that will allow me to leverage our mobile efforts, creating actionable assets moving into the coming decade?

When done right, your app can further connect with a highly engaged and active consumer base – one that is attached to your brand with a device they trust and carry with them all the time. The precision targeting and layers of data that you can use (once they agree to share their device and details) is tremendous if you have a way to capture and re-leverage the data. Additionally, there is a mobile “halo effect.” This means that having a great app experience can drive users to a more trusted mobile web and SMS experience which opens up significant options across mobile for your business, which is not only important today, but will become business critical in the coming 12-36 months.

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