Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Art of Email Rendering

Imagine if you will, an art exhibit where everyone is handed glasses with different types of kaleidoscopic lenses. With the right paintings, it could make for an impactful exhibit; highlighting the subjectivity of the art itself. And perhaps that would be part of what the artist would want to convey… or perhaps not. The analogy […]

The Importance of a Mobile Web Strategy

Morgan Stanley, Nielsen, Comscore and more agree: soon the number one way the majority of us connect to the Internet will be via mobile device. Further, research from Adobe confirms as high as 80% of shoppers prefer to leverage the mobile browser even over apps while “in the act.” First hand, we know that the […]

Even More Souvenirs for Marketers

Part 2 of 2 Last time, I gave you four high-value tips and trends – souvenirs from the eTail industry event last week. As a refresher, the first four are: multi-channel marketing from a data-driven platform, mindless consumer experiences, no more silos, social and mobile as key customer touch points. The list continues with the […]