Agile Commerce Requires Agile Tools

Patti RennerIn my post on Friday, I made reference to a Forrester report released last week entitled “Welcome to the Era of Agile Commerce” The report confirmed that your strategic marketing perspective should be less “channel” and more “experience.” To recap my comments: “Your customers are using a variety of tools to access information – more than ever before. They don’t interact with brands strictly through mere channels anymore. Instead they connect with brands at various customer ‘touch points,’ otherwise known as stages within the customer lifecycle. Use this to your strategic advantage.”

It was great to see Brian K. Walker of Forrester reiterate a key piece of advice found in Knotice’s recent whitepaper.

In his report, Brian shared how critical it is to optimize customer interactions at any stage of the customer lifecycle, which he called “touchpoints,” to drive engagement and business. He also highlighted the importance of gathering actionable data from each customer encounter with the brand – making customer analytics a core competency.

“eBusiness professionals must focus on orchestrating the customer relationship across touchpoints. This means driving relevant, personalized, and linked offers across email marketing,… display marketing, the website, mobile applications, and offline channels. eBusiness professionals must then measure the profitability of touchpoints across the life cycle of the customer — in context with each other and the customer journey,” he noted.

He went on to explain the challenge for marketers when they lack the ability to properly capture customer behavioral data. (I’d like to note that this is something that our on-demand platform Concentri already handles masterfully.)

In his report, Brian speaks with a VP of ecommerce in the retail industry. The retail executive states that if marketers can’t measure how customers are buying and understand what is working, we will never improve.

It’s obvious to me that agile commerce begins with an agile data-driven platform.

When it comes to capturing and using behavioral data, we’ve got you covered.

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