Mobile Web Made Easy? See for Yourself

Patti RennerYesterday, eMarketer released fresh statistics on the rate of smartphone adoption in the U.S., predicting that by 2015, the number of smartphone users will climb from 60.2 million users (end of 2010) to a whopping 109.5 million users in 2015.
That’s big. But the really interesting part is about usage patterns, that the time spent using smartphones is rising faster than any other medium, up 28% just last year. So not only are more people adopting the technology – they’re spending more time using it once they have it.

As cool as all this sounds, it may leave a pit in the stomachs of some marketers.

So if you’re concerned about creating mobile-based marketing experiences for your brand or business, check out this screencast (below). It takes you through – step by step – how quick and easy it is to set up a mobile-optimized campaign, accessed by 2D barcodes (QR codes or Microsoft tags), SMS, or other connector.

After being part of mobile microsite launches early on, it’s impressive that you now can create a device-optimized mobile web experience in a couple of minutes – customized to whatever smartphone is used to view it, complete with robust analytics. Frankly, it’s slick. And what a time-saver this is, especially when you have multiple mobile web destinations to create.

We’ve said it before, now is the best time to stop dabbling in mobile and get a comprehensive direct digital marketing strategy in place. (Note: Our recent white paper, “Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Web,” offers meaty details to help you lead the conversation when discussing mobile web strategy with your team.)

And if you needed to launch a mobile web experience yesterday, now you have access to quality tools to speed your success today.

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