Adding Mobile to Enhance Advertising

Dave LawsonMobile is a simple, easy addition to enhance awareness as a companion to other marketing.
When it comes to awareness, one of the biggest (and most expensive) opportunities is advertising during the Super Bowl – an estimated $2.6 million per 30-second spot. While the rest of the crowd was watching and trying to decide their favorite commercial last year, I was taking careful note of how these big-ticket advertisers actually had a mobile-friendly destination as part of their campaign.

In my not-so-scientific observation, of the 27 advertisers who shelled out millions each for massive commercial exposure, 23 of them did not have a mobile web destination available.

So, why does that matter?

While a spot in the game has many more implications and benefits than just the opportunity to sell something in the moment, the fact that 100 million sets of eyeballs are focused on your message at one time is a big deal. Most people don’t watch the Super Bowl at their desks or with laptops open. No, they go to Super Bowl parties, or watch the game at bars, at restaurants, with friends. They brought their mobile devices with them. If your carefully crafted brand or DR message only connected with 1% of the people watching, by not acknowledging defacto use of a mobile device and by having a monolithic web destination (in many cases depending highly on flash) be a likely landing point for their search for more information, your ROI opportunity can take a big hit.

When building awareness, a lack of mobile means opportunity lost and that just shouldn’t be today. With the right partner or toolset, developing a clean, on-brand mobile destination to extend that engagement is entirely possible and easy to accomplish. Simple actions like share functionality over SMS and email, integration with social media or even contest entries or polling/voting are real opportunities to capitalize further on your investment. To give your marketing more traction, you need a mobile destination. When executing your media buys for 2011, be sure to provide a mobile-optimized experience to recognize all the bang your buck can bring. .

This year, on February 6, 2011 when you’re huddled around the television to see the ads – and the action at Cowboys Stadium – winners and losers of the ad wars might not only be those who use talking animals, babies, and sex to their fully exploited advantage. Victory may depend on how well the call-to-action online experience is optimized for mobile.

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