Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Web

According to Melissa Parrish, analyst of interactive marketing at Forrester Research, “More than one-third—34 percent—of interactive marketers are currently implementing or are planning to implement a mobile program…. Mobile is poised for major investment in 2011 because case studies expose a healthy marketing channel, innovations have gained traction and consumer mobile usage is skyrocketing.”

Patti RennerFor marketers ready for a more strategic, holistic approach to the mobile web, you’re in for a treat. We’ve just published a fresh, comprehensive white paper “Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Web: Initiating Deeper Brand Engagement with a Purposeful, Relevant Approach.” Once inside its pages, you’ll find actionable advice for approaching your mobile web strategy – from marketing reach specifics to campaign execution to technology considerations and more. Use it as a helpful resource to frame internal discussions regarding the mobile web, its relationship to other mobile channels, and as a practical guide for today and into the future.

You can download the PDF here: http://www.knotice.com/whitepapers/mobileweb/ (file size 1.4MB).

This 20-page paper is written with marketers in mind, those searching for a next step with their mobile web initiatives, a shorter learning curve, or actionable details on how to take their current mobile web efforts to the next level. Knotice’s own Dave Lawson (Director of Mobile Engagement) and Bryce Marshall (Director of Strategic Services) – both nationally recognized for their insight on mobile – have teamed up as authors. The end result is page after page of no-nonsense, practical information to guide you through developing a smarter approach to your overall mobile web strategy.

The first section of the paper deals with wired-web versus mobile web, and the importance of context when connecting consumers to a mobile web experience. Mobile web isn’t just about making your current website mobile – it’s much more than that. To provide readers with a deeper understanding, the paper shows ways to reach the consumer in a more purposeful, relevant way within specific customer phases.

Once the mobile web paradigm is defined, the paper is loaded with the realities and considerations for developing mobile web strategy. What is the phase and context at the point of engagement? What connector (2D barcodes, SMS, QR Codes, etc.) would be best? How do you decide the end destination and content to include? What do you look for when doing pre-launch testing? What matters most when deciding the right technology platform (scalability, ease of use, multi-channel integration, analytics, etc.)? With so much to consider, Dave and Bryce offer up some highly useful information to definitively answer these and many other questions, helping marketers move through the process faster. Really good stuff.

Of course, time is short for research and reading – despite the need to understand how to make the best use of rapidly developing opportunities in marketing via the mobile web. All the discussion about the mobile web can be boiled down to this: “It’s time.” For marketers ready to make it happen, using the mobile web to expand your brand’s reach, “Harnessing the Power of the Mobile Web” is a must-read.

Check it out now.

Let us know what you think. And if you have questions, add a comment! Bryce or Dave will personally respond.

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