How to Use the Mobile Email Opens Report Data

Bryce MarshallToday marks the release of the first of many quarterly reports issued by Knotice regarding email opens on mobile devices. Our “Mobile Email Opens Q4 2010 Report” features valuable data on the percentage of mobile email opens by device across 12 industry segments, including retail, hospitality, telecommunications, and healthcare and others. Data is based on a sampling of approximately 155.3 million emails sent between October 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010. There’s high-value information in its pages, data we want to share with the industry to serve as a resource for marketers.

Once you go through the findings, we suggest you take action on the information, using the results to enhance your existing email program – or add to it with dedicated mobile tactics. Some suggestions to help get started:

  • Plan to alter your existing email templates to balance the requirements of mobile viewers. This could include things like putting the call-to-action in a different place within the email and providing text links.
  • Create a dedicated mobile template and include a link to the mobile-friendly Web view option at the top of every email.
  • Segment your active email list by recipients who only open emails on mobile device, then send the mobile-optimized creative to this list in the initial send.
  • Update the email preferences page to include “Mobile-friendly email” as a formatting option alongside options for the traditional HTML version and the text-only version.

The report is available as free download. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can access it here. If you are a marketer and would like to participate in the report, send an email to with the subject “email mobile analysis.” If it’s a good fit, we’ll report on your email campaign data in aggregate for the purposes of this report and also provide your results back to you.

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