No Mobile Site? Don’t Make Your Customers Angry

Amy ChubbuckReflecting on all the Holiday hustle and bustle, thank goodness the shopping trips are over. Running from this store to that, fighting the crowds of folks frantically searching for the perfect gift and the best deals.
If you were anything like me, you found yourself standing in Toys R Us, staring at an empty shelf where that “just so perfect” gift used to be. After the initial panic subsided, what did I do? I grabbed my smartphone and went straight to the Internet. Was the item in stock online? Did another location have the item? Did a competitor have one?

So, I’m standing in Toys R Us staring at my phone while being bumped out of the way by other shoppers, who were quite annoyed I was on my phone (you know, you’ve been there) and I’m waiting, rather impatiently while Toys R Us’s website loads. And waiting…. You mean to tell me they don’t have a mobile-friendly website? I have to stand here while their entire website loads? I don’t have time for that, and neither does the guy standing behind me.

So, I look for an app. No app either. What’s a frantic shopper to do? I seek out a competitor that did have a mobile-friendly site.

As I left the store, I got to wondering how many others have done the same. And how much revenue quietly slipped away.

Mobile sites for retailers are almost essential at this point. It’s just good customer service, especially during the holidays. A mobile site and/or an app, saves me (your customer) time and it saves me (your customer) from visiting your competitor instead.

When I’m out and about, my phone is my link to the outside world. My phone is with me everywhere I go. It is my personal assistant. It is my most trusted friend. It is my first screen in the morning and my last screen before bed.

It’s no secret that smart phone adoption is on the rise. It is predicted that by the end of 2011, smart phones will surpass feature phones in usage. ( Nielsen). By 2013, mobile internet usage will likely surpass desktop Internet usage. (Morgan Stanley).

The time to hesitate has passed. Mobile websites are essential. Mobile users demand them. Your customers demand them. Hear me now, Toys R Us. Remember me later.

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