Monthly Archives: December 2010

HTML Tips for Optimizing Your Emails

With all of the fantastic things people are doing with HTML these days, it can be easy to forget just how far behind email is in the rendering game. With that in mind, we’d like to offer a couple suggestions to help optimize your marketing communications for almost any inbox. Set the table: Although div […]

Some Useful Mobile Trends and Insight

It’s no secret that the consumer is mobile. It’s a topic we’ve discussed quite a bit here on The Lunch Pail. Frequent Lunch Pail contributor and mobile marketing expert Bryce Marshall was recently a featured guest on Brian Prows’ highly-regarded mobile podcast IM-Mobile. Brian and Bryce chatted about the current mobile landscape, upcoming mobile trends, […]

Android? iPhone? Let’s Make It Interesting

“I betcha… $50.” That’s still worth something these days, right? A decent meal… a movie and popcorn for the family. That’s the bet I won on 10/1/2010 from a certain colleague-to-remain-nameless. I always pay and collect on my bets, so I kept the cash, but the satisfaction of winning is always better. The horse I […]

Early Adopters in the Mobile Ecosystem

Part 3 of a Series Over the past couple of posts we’ve taken a closer look at how mobile makes a big difference in a retail environment for consumers, brands, and retailers. Currently, much of the mobile shopping experience is being led by consumers. In a previous post, we took a look at consumer behavior […]